Thanks to more than 1,000 supporters we had a successful Kickstarter campaign.  We've delivered all Kickstarter rewards, and we hear our supporters are enjoying our first blend, "Relativity" -- the perfect combination of orange peel, coriander seeds, cascade hops, and natural flavors! Many have reordered, and most are anxiously awaiting our next blends, coming later in 2016.  Thanks for believing in Hop Theory!


Backers - Thank You!!

We are adding more names regularly (assuming you gave us permission). Stay tuned!


Adrien Quancard Katrina M Lewis
Alexander Hodgkiss Lars Christer Heitman
Ben Chan Maggie
Bryt ManCan
Claire Mark Williams
Four Star Denim & Apparel Michael Turry
Heather Disco Oscar
Janis Ozolins Peter Hvenegaard Mikkelsen
Josh Lamson Steve Young
Katie Hart of Hart's Handmade Zach